How To Buy Your Next Wooden Bed

Chunky Wooden Bed

Handmade Chunky Bed Made From Solid Oak Wood

Bed. One of the most important places in your home. You sleep in it, read in it and hide in it when your day becomes a bit too hectic!

It’s safe to say buying a bed is an investment that you want to get right. So following the launch of our super chunky solid oak bed, we have created a guide that might just help you in finding the perfect bedstead for you.

1. Base

The majority of beds have a slatted for the mattress to sit on. If the slats are not sprung or bowed, make sure there is adequate support struts in the centre of the bedstead to ensure the bed functions in the long term.

2. Sizes

When measuring your bedroom for a suitable bed, check you can easily walk around the bed and that it won’t obstruct other furniture. Always opt for the biggest bed your room can afford as this will bring you greater comfort (and potentially less arguments!)

3. Mattress

For our chunky oak bed (king size), we recommend either the John Lewis Hempure Classic Mattress or the Marks and Spencer Natural 750 Medium Support Mattress. UK Kingsize mattress (W: 150cm x L: 200cm) are suitable for our super chunky solid oak bed.

4. Try it

Why not pop into our showroom in Warwickshire and perform a full comfy test on our chunky oak bed for real? We would be delighted to see you!

About mobiusliving

Mobius Living specialise in reclaimed, recycled and sustainable wood furniture for your home and garden. We use reclaimed and recycled wood and timber which is lovingly restored and processed to make handcrafted natural wood furniture. This includes solid oak, pine, elm, wooden oak beams, reclaimed old wood, teak, salvaged timber. Our range includes farmhouse kitchen dining sets, reclaimed wood dining tables and chairs, chunky oak coffee tables and rustic hallway and kitchen benches. We offer flexible, fast and free delivery options and hassle-free customer service designed to encourage our customers to come back time after time. Visit us online at
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